A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Uploaded to itch for archive purposes, this is my submission to Ludum Dare 40.

Endless, Nameless is a simple 2D platformer. You play over and over one level due to a time tear in the void. When you finish a level you get thrown back in time, but it’s not that simple. The level changes and one terrible (that’s right) is added.

The more levels you finish the more terribles are added.

Every fifth level you can choose which terribles to disable with the coins you collected.

You have to collect 15 coins to be able to buy a time bandage which fixes the time tear.


EndlessNamelessWin64.zip 17 MB
EndlessNamelessLinux.zip 34 MB


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The game was fun and had an interesting idea. I did enjoy playing it overall. I like the cute cat :3


Just a few things needed in my opinion; the background could have a more rich color to it and shouldn't look dark. Secondly, a pause menu. Finally, game's progress should be saved.

This project does look small and they might not be added, but just some stuff for you to do if you feel like it.